There’s a new office model in town and it’s helping businesses bounce back


The ‘hub and spoke’ office model refers to a more flexible workspace and working style.

Unlike the traditional ‘headquarters’ model – in which a business operates from one large city centre head office – hub and spoke offices allow employees to work from either their city hub or a strategic regional spoke location. Here are the benefits that are converting businesses to this model post-pandemic.

Save your business money

Downsizing the city centre office in which you are based means you can open up strategically-placed smaller offices in more regional locations and still have money left over. Less square footage in the city results in lower overheads, rent and expenses – key to saving money in this climate.

Get freedom through flexible space

Now, more than ever, flexibility is vital for businesses. Shorter licence agreements, fewer T&Cs to sign on the dotted line, low risk and low hassle are just some benefits that come with flexibility. At BizSpace, we also offer customers the freedom of movement within our centres, providing them with the ability to upscale or downsize at short notice.

Work locally, commute less and increase productivity

By producing a heatmap of where your employees live versus where they work currently, you can get an idea of the alternative areas that might work better for their operations. They will save precious time and money on their commute – and a better work/life balance for them could mean higher productivity and output for the business, aiding in its recovery. 

Grow your company footprint

Why stay in one location when your business could go further? A larger geographical footprint unlocks a broader audience and wider customer and client reach, vital for business longevity.

Hire from a much larger talent pool

The opportunity to hire talent from further afield is not one that comes with a centralised office, where businesses are confined to certain geographical compromises such as commute distance, time and cost. That means the individuals who hold the key for future success could be hired by competitors instead.

While the effects of the pandemic continue to challenge businesses up and down the UK, many are considering alternative and more flexible workspace options. Demand for regional offices is ever-increasing, even in this climate, so if you are considering a property change for your own business, the hub and spoke model might well be the direction to move towards in 2020 and beyond. 

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