Breakthrough Purezone technology introduces a more hygienic vending machine experience


In what is huge news for our prospective and existing customers, we are delighted to announce that we are now offering a product called Purezone.

Purezone is a transparent film that is applied directly over touch screens and interfaces, to fight bacteria 24/7. This provides a welcome layer of protection during a time when this is essential to most.

How does Purezone reduce the spread of bacteria?

The antimicrobial film reduces the presence of a variety of bacteria and viruses, by utilising reactive silver ions to inhibit the environment that they would usually thrive in. Best of all, this works continuously, without the need for cleaning between every use.

Coupled with the exemplary hygiene standards that Coinadrink work to, this further emphasises our dedication to health and safety. The film is effective for up to three years from application and is unaffected by general cleaning protocols that our operators follow.

Whilst we continue to emphasise that vending is perfectly safe to continue using in your workplace, we appreciate that more people now require added reassurance from their facilities. Purezone ensures your team can continue using vending machines with extremely minimal concern.

Can Purezone be fitted on my vending machine?

Because Purezone acts as a laminate film, the good news is that it can be fitted to a number of our vending and coffee machines!

View the list of machines below to see which equipment this can be fitted to:

  • ICON floor standing hot drinks machine.
  • COTI floor standing hot drinks machine.
  • CALI floor standing hot drinks machine.
  • Neo floor standing hot drinks machine.
  • Zen tabletop coffee machine.
  • Vitro tabletop coffee machine. (Excludes Vitro S1)
  • Krea Touch tabletop coffee machine.
  • Kalea Plus tabletop coffee machine.
  • Karisma tabletop coffee machine.
  • La Radiosa tabletop coffee machine.
  • Merchant Touch snack vending machine.
  • BevMax Touch cold drinks vending machine.

We are aware that Purezone is not compatible with our whole machine range. If this application is of interest, please do get in touch to check compatibility and discuss options.

Contact us about enjoying Purezone antimicrobial film on your vending machine.

The good news just keeps on coming, because this is available to both new and existing customers. Yes, everyone can experience this added peace of mind.

Acquiring the Purezone antimicrobial film reaffirms Coinadrink’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of our customers. We have already added a variety of contactless equipment to our range and Purezone only continues to make vending even safer than it always has been.

Available now from Coinadrink Limited. Contact us on 01922 640777 or leave us a message for a member of our team to get back to you as soon as possible.