Do you need a Telehandler?

National Telehandlers

Since National Telehandlers was launched as a business in May 2020 (Yes during a pandemic!) I feel like I have answered one million questions about the business, all with a passion.

National Telehandlers provides Plant Hire equipment to the construction, manufacturing & Industrial sectors across the UK. I say Plant Hire, because originally it was just Telehandlers, but 80% of our partners supply all types of Plant Hire including Diggers & Dumpers. It made sense to offer additional products in a very short space of time.

To become a partner you have to supply a 1st class service and be an independent business operating a geographical area in the UK and then I become your virtual representative.

Through a whole host of Marketing techniques I bring new business to our partners for a fraction of the cost of a full time sales representative. I’ve been called the Tinder of Telehandlers recently and I’ll take that – introducing new business to companies that provide great service

Of course it sounds easy and having spent 30 years in sales, the last 15 working for market leading corporate businesses and operating as high as board level, I’ve had to rediscover my sales pitch! Some say you never forget, its like riding a bike apparently but let me be clear, it isn’t! The world has changed, we communicate differently and sometimes we ignore e mails and calls because they don’t fit with us right now.

30 years ago it was all about planning and preparation. If you wanted additional Milk in the morning you had to tell the Milkman the night previously by leaving a note, now we buy it in 4 litre containers and rarely run out! 30 years ago you got 5 quotes for a Telehandler and placed your order on a relationship with a company who you had used previously, now you Google (Other search engines are available!) and wait for the online response….and here I am, responding from my spare bedroom or the living room during the evening because technology allows that to happen – I’m virtual and getting good at it.

So, do you need a Telehandler? Maybe not but maybe you need a forklift, maybe you work in manufacturing or distribution and they use a forklift every day – guess what? We expanded the business to include Forklifts – it makes sense as they do the same job as a Telehandler just a little smoother – the surface and the application tends to be a little more precise and there is lots of them in the UK

So for all your Telehandlers, Excavators, Dumpers, Rollers & Forklifts contact the Tinder of Telehandlers – Lee Rigby 0333 0064377 or email – also available on