Don't forget your email address


You work hard in setting up your business, invest in the equipment you need, a nice new website and work hard getting your social media up to speed. However for many small businesses the one thing they forget is how their email address looks.

Many business continue to use a free email or a personal email, that they set up, when they first started on their venture.

The only problem with this, is that it may not link to the business very well or have a professional feel., or just don’t look right.

Getting a Professional Email

Take Harry Hippo in the picture above. He has been using for many years now, for his construction company. Whilst in the context of his van this email is fine, what happens when he emails a customer or a potential client?

The email will look spammy and the potential client, will be unsure of  its provenance.

Far better to use

Changing Emails is nothing to worry about.

One of the biggest fears of any small business is losing the emails and business contacts that have built up over time.

However the process of switching is very straight forward. Even if you don’t have a website, you can still get a professional email set up.

Step 1: Choose a new domain name – or if you have an existing web address you can use that.

Step 2: Choose an email provider, such as Hipposerve.

Step 3: Set up the mailbox(s) you require.

Step 4: Set up the accounts on any devices where you collect email, or use a web mail interface.

Step 5: Forward emails coming in to your old address to your new one.

Step 6: (Optional) Copy the old emails into the new account.

After this, if anyone emails your old account the messages will come straight to your new one. Any new emails you send will come from your new professional email account.

Hassle Free Help from Hipposerve

Hipposerve has a range of professional email packages that work with or without a website. We will work with you to create the packages with all the emails your require. Many customers choose a few mailboxes, for example:

We will not only set up your account and guide you through adding them to your various devices, but we will also help you with any email forwarding you need – including transferring any existing email messages.

Don’t worry – we will not rest until you new email is up and running perfectly.