How Entrée helps the NHS track and trace scheme

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The world Health organisation along with the UK Government have announced that organisations in most sectors should collect details and maintain records of staff, customers and visitors along with contractors on their premises to support NHS test and trace. You as a business can help the current UK public health emergency by implementing the correct tools for your business to work professionally and safely within the guidelines set by the government. 

A tool such as Entrée will allow you to track and monitor anyone that visits your site, enabling you to easily follow government regulations and help reduce the spreading of COVID-19 within your business. Entrée is a user-friendly visitor, staff and contractor management system which sits on your front desk to manage everyone who has entered onsite. Once an individual has signed in you have a record of this that can be searched at any point in time and more importantly in seconds. You will be able to access both a live and historical reports of everyone who has signed in and out of your building.

If there is a case of coronavirus found within your premises you will be able to easily pinpoint who was in on that specific day, who they visited and how long they were onsite for. This will allow you to take the necessary precautions in reducing the spread of the virus.

Now more than ever it is important to Pre-book all of your visitors and contractors so you know who is coming onsite. Whilst your visitors and contractors are signing in they can be vetted with a questionnaire beforehand. On the health and safety documents, it will showcase key information about coronavirus and will ask the individual to agree to the statement if they have not or been around someone that has shown any symptoms of the virus.

The individual will only be granted access once they have agreed not to have shown any symptoms for the past 14 days or if they have been abroad. Only once they have agreed the individual can be granted access inside. An email notification will then be sent to the host to inform them that their visitor has arrived. This will help reduce congestion within your reception area. 

The information that the government is requesting to be collected must be handled in accordance with GDPR regulations to ensure that your visitors, contractors and staff members personal information is kept protected.

You can easily ensure that your organisation is staying GDPR compliant with Entrée. One of the key benefits of Entrée is that it enhances compliance within your organisation. Whilst the visitor is signing in a GDPR message will be presented. This message will explain to your visitors why their information is being collected. Your visitors can read and agree to the message, keeping your organisation compliant.

Entrée has other great benefits for your organisation such as a live and accurate fire register, photo ID printed on badges, QR codes for faster signing in/out, announcements and many more. Book a demonstration today to find out more about how Entrée can benefit your organisation.

Aaliah Mohamed
Edit Ltd.