The Power of Messaging

Digital Glue

Courtney Patrick is the founder of brand consultancy Create + Propel. Courtney has years of experience working with brands across various sectors, and in this Q&A she is asked about about her Sl/CED webinar on Thursday 17th September (today)

Could you give us a brief insight into what the webinar is about?

Courtney: My webinar is the last part of the ‘Power of Messaging’ series. I will be discussing the importance that branding has on your messaging, and how to establish your brand through your social media channels and other marketing.

Myself and Greta from Digital Glue will also be discussing video content, and why having it as part of your messaging is such an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Why is branding an important part of your messaging?

Courtney: Effective communication is key to gaining new business and branding plays a huge part in that. Branding leaves a lasting impression on the viewer and allows them to know what to expect from your company.

It's an effective way of showing the personality of your business to build rapport and  clarifying what differentiates you from your competitors and why they should choose you. A good brand is the starting point to attracting new customers because if you have a strong brand, consumers will have a positive image of you and they actively seek you out.

What goes into creating a brand?

Courtney: For many, branding is effectively just a logo or the visuals of your company, but it is so much more than that. A brand is how you want your business to be perceived, and how you market yourself within your sector.

Yes, your visuals are an important part of a brand, but you have to take into account more than that. What does your company do that differs to your competitors? How are you positioning yourself within your sector? What are your values? A brand gets recognition because it is a sum of all these things and more.

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