Down with trust: A practical, actionable approach to achieving Zero Trust


Trust no one and no thing. That is the central thrust of the aptly named Zero Trust paradigm. In stark contrast to traditional castle-and-moat approaches, Zero Trust is built on the idea that everything and everyone must be considered suspect – inside and outside the castle. With Zero Trust we must interrogate, investigate and cross-check until we are 100% positive the access is safe to be allowed.

Born out of the need to mitigate the risk of prolific and evolving attacks in the complex, dispersed modern environment, Zero Trust continues to gain momentum for its hard-line security stance and rigorous approach to countering today’s escalating cyber threats.

Still, after almost 10 years since it was first coined, Zero Trust both excites and confuses. Excites because by restricting access to sensitive data, applications, and devices to the bare minimum, it provides a high level of security assurance. Confuses because there is no single specific technology or vendor associated with Zero Trust. Rather, it’s a holistic approach that can require mixes of several different principles and technologies.

The team at CyberCX have produced a whitepaper which explores the fast emerging world of Zero Trust beyond the initial definitions of what it is and isn’t. It looks at the challenges and how it should work in the real world. We also put the 4 most popular vendor approaches under the microscope, illuminating each approach and evaluating their upsides and downsides, giving you a solid overview of your Zero Trust options.

Download the whitepaper here.

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Greg Inge