Cyber Essentials: How businesses can protect themselves against cyber crime

EBC Group

Cyber crime is at an all-time high due to the huge increase in uptake of different technologies during the pandemic. Businesses across all sectors are increasing their spend on tech and modernising their IT infrastructure, whether they are late adopters trying to ensure they keep up with the competition or innovators making waves in the technology arena.

With this though comes an increased level of threat in terms of cyber security. Organisations should ensure that all of their systems are fully protected so that hackers, phishers and cyber attacks cannot access their vital data. Simple viruses such as malware can attack a business’ entire IT network, something which can occur easily by something as simple as a network user clicking on a dodgy link, or opening a suspect email.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is an excellent first step for businesses who wish to become certified as cyber secure. It is a government-recognised accreditation which proves that Cyber Essentials certified businesses have a good base level of cyber security.

The self-certification process requires the business to fill out a questionnaire on their current cyber security provisions. It is necessary for businesses to provide any supporting documents to prove that the measures they have in place satisfy the criteria of the accreditation. Therefore, it is important that organisations ensure that their practices are up to the correct standard before taking the questionnaire in order to pass straight away. Some companies may need to carry out a bit of a security overhaul in order to ensure that they are Cyber Essentials accreditation-ready.

Once an organisation has achieved Cyber Essentials certification, they can apply for Cyber Essentials Plus, which is a more advanced level of accreditation, involving a comprehensive assessment of their cyber security by an external certifying body. This provides businesses with an extra level of assurance through the external testing of your cyber security provision.

Why get certified?

There are many reasons why EBC Group are recommending that their clients get Cyber Essentials certified. Firstly, it is a good way for businesses to ensure that their security levels reach industry-recognised standards and their systems are protected to an adequate level. Figures suggest that being Cyber Essentials certified can reduce an organisation’s cyber security risk by up to 98.5 per cent. 

Secondly, being accredited reassures a business’ customers that they take the issue of cyber security seriously and are dedicated to putting the appropriate security measures in place to protect their customers’ data. As a matter of fact, some organisations will only use suppliers who have the certification, making it a commercially savvy decision.

Additionally, once a business has achieved Cyber Essentials accreditation, they can display the Cyber Essentials logo on its website and marketing materials, demonstrating that they are cyber safe.

How we can help

We have been at the forefront of cyber security for the last 30 years, providing award-winning solutions catered to specifically to each individual business’ needs. We help guide our clients through the Cyber Essentials certification process, identifying any areas of weakness, helping with time-consuming admin and assisting with the supporting documentation.

Our team are trained and certified to the highest levels, having achieved ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Secure Plus and FCA accreditations. For businesses who may need some assistance with their cyber security provisions prior to applying for the certification, we can support their journey to becoming cyber safe, through our specialist intrusion prevention technology, privately-owned data centres and full disaster recovery solutions.

For more information on our full range of services, visit us at, contact us online or get in touch on 0121 368 0119.