Is it time for a Re-brand?

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Rebranding can feel incredibly scary. I know, I did it too in the recent past, having had the same brand for 10+ years. In fact, these were my exact words to the incredible design agency I engaged with at the start:

Of course, I was nervous at first, it felt like I was handing my baby over for a face-lift!”

Now you might not be feeling as dramatic as that, but know you are in good company. In 2021 many of the big names have gone through the same process as your business may be going through right now: Burger King, GoDaddy and Facebook to name a few. They felt their brand no longer aligned with the customers they were serving, the products and services they were delivering, environmental and customer behavioural changes as well as the future plans of their business.

Imagine how it must feel when your brand is international and serves billions?! So, if it’s good enough for Facebook (and yes they can share my name!) then…you can do it too!

It doesn’t have to be a completely different name it could just be a refresh. An opportunity to update, align and give your brand a facelift.

Start by asking yourself these two questions first, and then dip your toe in the re-branding waters:

  • Does our existing brand still fit with the current clients we’re serving and who we are planning to serve in the future?


  • Does our existing brand feel a little boring or bland?

Your answers will tell you everything you need in order to take the first steps towards a rebrand. Get a creative agency involved. These people will ask you all the right questions from the outset to get you understanding what you are looking to achieve with a rebrand.

A fresh new brand will increase your marketing confidence, making it easier to connect with customers you perhaps wouldn’t have dreamed of engaging with before. Not to mention give all those who engage with you an enormous amount of pride of working with your business.

At this point if there’s any questions around a rebrand, take that first step…

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