Building back Birmingham: how can digital modelling enable the smarter planning and delivery of projects

Turner & Townsend Limited

As Birmingham continues to recover from the impacts of COVID-19, we are witnessing a buoyant construction market which will need innovative programme planning to deliver great outcomes for the city.

There are a number of fascinating development programmes in the pipeline, from Curzon Street station to Birmingham Airport’s redevelopment – and in the property sector, research has shown a resurgence in demand for office space throughout the third quarter of 2021.

But buildings are no longer stand-alone structures in a city. These projects have far reaching benefits - with the potential to reshape the social fabric and opportunities in the city – and require innovative digital technologies and solutions to manage their complexities.

While it’s no secret that digital technologies can improve productivity and help the construction industry navigate disruptions and mitigate risks, they need to be deployed as an integral part of overall construction strategy to get the full benefits. From understanding client requirements and assimilating feedback, to engaging the public or managing large quantities of project information, digital tools transform the way we deliver projects and programmes and help deliver more sustainable, productive, and inclusive outcomes. For example, 4D models allow for a full digital rehearsal of the construction process prior to putting a shovel in the ground. This enables closer collaboration and informed, swift decision making, which minimises disruptions and deviations from programme in the delivery phase.

Advances in reality capture, photogrammetry and artificial intelligence, mean we can significantly change the way projects are managed and delivered, drawing on the initial model. Birmingham is currently a hive of construction activity as it gears up to deliver a number of city centre projects ahead of the Commonwealth Games and using these digital tools to keep projects on track is important, particularly when there is an immovable deadline.

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