End of the line for Sage 200cloud and Sage 50 Manufacturing?


The answer to that question is yes, but do not panic. If you are a user of either of Sage’s own manufacturing suites for Sage 200cloud or Sage 50, then Sage’s decision to make the suites “end-of-support” could send you screaming off into the hills.

The fact is that neither Sage 200 Manufacturing nor Sage 50 Manufacturing have seen any development for some time. There have been third-party solutions that work alongside each that provide better functionality and that have kept pace with Manufacturing companies’ needs to operate more efficiently and keep a better track of costs in the production process.

The core Sage 200cloud and Sage 50 core business management capabilities means that 1000’s of businesses have come to rely on Sage to handle the financial and commercial elements very well, whilst managing the rest of the business processes outside of the BMS in a variety of ways. Often this can be manually or through a plethora of Excel sheets.

This is not just a “Sage thing” but is common with most BMS solutions. Third party developers thrive on the basis that no BMS delivers a 100% fit for managing a business end to end.

Recognising that, to stay ahead and to deliver “best of breed” better fitting BMS solutions, Sage is increasingly utilising products from third parties and offering these in place of their own, outside of the core. This has enabled Sage to focus on what they are best at – Financial and Commercial Management systems.

EBS has worked with businesses to deliver business management solutions that provide the best fit possible for many years. But, almost without exception, a solution will involve implementing third-party and/or our own add-ons alongside the Sage 200cloud or Sage 50 core.

Back to the topic in hand. What are the options if you are using either Sage 200cloud or Sage 50 manufacturing?

Sage 200cloud

Sage has adopted Manufacturing modules from Sage Developer Sicon. The Sicon Manufacturing add-on comprises of Works Order Processing, MRP, Kitting and Projects. Working with Sage 200c Bill of Materials, the modules may be purchased as a suite or individually. In addition, Sicon offers a Shop Floor Data Collection solution that works alongside to enable the tracking of Work Orders and time through the production process.

Sage has also adopted Sicon’s Barcoding and Warehousing software.

Sage 50 Professional

Support for Sage 50 Manufacturing ends on 30th September 2021 and Sage recommend CIM50 to replace its Manufacturing modules. CIM50 requires that its own Stock Module be implemented in place of the standard. The modules that can be selected from the CIM50 portfolio are:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Planning
  • Quotations
  • Works Order Processing
  • Shop Floor Data Capture

EBS is accredited to provide and support both Sicon and CIM50 Manufacturing software. For more information call 0121 384 2513 or email info@e-b-s.co.uk.

Darren Tolley
Account manager