Fancy yourself as a barista? The rise of home coffee machines during the pandemic

Coinadrink Limited

Us Brits have always swarmed to coffee shops in huge numbers. So, when Covid temporarily halted trade and forced their closure, we had to find another way to get our caffeine fix.

It makes sense, then, that home coffee culture would quickly develop. After all, so much of our time is spent in this environment. Even after the pandemic, many of you will have gained a taste for high-quality coffee in your home and won’t want to give it up.

Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company, takes a look at the growth of home coffee machines.

Home coffee consumption. The rise against all odds.

To begin, let’s get an idea of how much the catering and hospitality sector has been hit by Covid-19. This will help us understand why home coffee consumption has rapidly increased.

It is thought that environments such as cafes and restaurants make up 25% of total consumer demand for coffee. As you can imagine, then, when 95% of these businesses were forced to close at the start of 2020, the coffee industry took a tremendous hit.

With lockdown measures, it soon became apparent that the home was the only environment where we could brew our coffee.

The International Coffee Organisation says that home coffee consumption has increased 4.9% across the globe in 2020. A staggering increase when you look at how many industries have instead recorded a sharp decline.

It seems that nothing will stop our love for coffee. Home coffee machines have certainly soared.

Home coffee machines set the trend

Naturally, in order to capture coffee shop quality at home the consumer needs to upgrade both their equipment and coffee.

There has been so much content shared around how to choose the right coffee machine and how to prepare the perfect coffee. It’s clear that this is something that more of us are taking an interest in.

40% of millennials in particular have experimented with becoming a “home Barista” and consumers are becoming more confident with their coffee-making capabilities.

Home coffee machines are incredibly popular now. Manufacturers are recognising this shift in demand and are developing cost-effective equipment that has a place in your kitchen.

Home coffee machines such as the Saeco Royal or Gaggia Ruby, for example.

And even as we head towards a sense of normality once again and more businesses begin to welcome their teams back to their natural working environment, we’re not about to abandon our investments.

For a start, flexible working will probably remain. This means a portion of our work will still be done at home, where we’ll still require creamy lattes or short and sharp espressos.

Now we’re becoming more aware of how easy we can enjoy a key aspect of the coffee shop experience at home, if anything the market could only proceed to grow further.

Brewing at home will still remain a much-loved habit for consumers, regardless of when and whether we feel safe enough to head back to the coffee shop.

If you’re interested in a home coffee machine, contact us today about how our equipment can work for you.

Alistair Ward
Coinadrink Limited