Are custom orthotics the answer to your pain?

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How to tell if orthotics are the answer to your pain

While most people may have a general understanding of what orthotics are, there are still a few who are not aware of their health benefits.

From head to toe, your body is connected through muscles, bones and blood vessels. If any of these don't function correctly, it affects the rest and creates a major discomfort throughout your body. When properly prescribed as a treatment for a medical condition custom made orthotics can not only decrease the pain in your feet, but also in other parts of your body, such as the knees, hips and lower back.

Custom made orthotics vs Off-the-shelf orthotics

What it is important to know is that custom made orthotics are more than just a heel pad or shoe insert you can buy at most athletic stores, or pharmacies. They’re highly customized shoe or heel inserts tailor-made for your feet, only a specialist can prescribe.

The major difference between the two is that the custom made-orthotics are prescribed after a careful evaluation of your feet, designed to suit your needs. While, the off-the shelf orthotics are made for everyone and anyone, with no expert reference behind.

If worn incorrectly, orthotics can damage your foot health and raise the risk of injury.

How can orthotics actual help?

Orthotics are often one part of a treatment plan for many foot and ankle concerns. For example, at Urban Body, we prescribe orthotics in conjunction with treatments such as more supportive shoes as well as physical therapy exercises.

As a corrective device, Orthotics are worn inside your shoe, helping your muscles, tendon and bones in your feet and lower legs function without you suffering from pain or stiffness. 

How to tell if you need orthotics?

A Physiotherapeut will prescribe custom orthotics only as part of a comprehensive treatment plan to address various symptoms, usually having to do with pain and discomfort of the feet and legs.

Some of the goals a physio may have for orthotic treatment include:

  • correcting foot deformities
  • helping the foot or ankle function better
  • providing support to the ankle
  • reducing the risk of further injuries

Orthotics may also provide additional support and cushioning in key areas of the feet, such as the heel or ball of the foot. Because orthotics are custom-made, the person making them will consider the individual’s footwear needs.

The good news is that you don’t have to keep changing your footwear to find a solution to ease joint pain or try new stretches to ease muscle tension and there will be no more need to take any painkillers.

Overall, orthotics in combination with physiotherapy can help a person avoid more invasive treatments, such as surgery.

If you would like to know how foot orthotics can improve your life for the better, we are here to help you take the steps in the right direction. Contact us at 0121 270 6045 or email us at: for more information on orthotics and how you can claim your free orthotics assessment.

Edith Andrei
Marketing Assistant
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