Think bean to cup coffee can only be enjoyed in the coffee shop? Think again!

Coinadrink Limited

Growing demand for high-quality coffee has seen high street coffee shops lose their exclusivity. Gone are the days when your favourite Cappuccino or Latte could only be found in certain locations and establishments. With a bean to cup coffee machine range, you can experience quality coffee in the convenience of your workplace.

What is a bean to cup coffee machine?

Bean to cup coffee machines are some of the most sophisticated coffee machines available. They are fully automatic and combine the talents of a grinder, a coffee machine and a barista all into one.

You place your preferred coffee beans into the hopper and the machine will grind and extract the beans into your cup or mug. From the users’ point of view, it’s a seamless experience. All you need to worry about is what type of coffee you want. All your coffee shop favourites are available, from Americano to Espresso and Café Latte to Café Mocha.

Our Vitro line of bean to cup coffee machines are extremely popular. They combine stunning designs with ease of use.

Is a bean to cup coffee machine right for me?

If you have a desire for luxury coffee, then the answer is almost always yes. You may find the practical nature of a pod and capsule coffee machine to be better suited, but a bean to cup machine undoubtedly raises the game.

Ideal for boardrooms, showrooms and breakout areas, bean to cup coffee machines can often prepare 100+ drinks a day. This means they are well suited to small to medium locations, especially offices and serviced offices.

Aside from premium drinks quality, bean to cup coffee machines such as the Krea Touch deliver it all in a stylish package. This enhances your coffee break and is capable of turning any location into a prestigious destination.

Want to raise the profile of your business? A bean to cup coffee machine could be the way to go.

Improve workplace culture with a bean to cup coffee machine

In 2019, over 30 million people visited UK coffee shops. Bean to cup coffee machines have enabled this coffee culture to overflow into other environments, most notably the workplace.

It’s needed, too. The stresses and strains of the working day means coffee is often our best friend. The fact employees can now enjoy coffee shop quality in their working environment is a luxury that has now became a necessity.

In the wake of Covid-19, there is even more pressure placed on employers’ shoulders. Your duty of care for your team has never been greater. A bean to cup coffee machine is a simple yet hugely effective employee perk.

Over 80% of people from a recent surveyed said they would appreciate high-quality coffee in their workplace. And keeping staff on site for their break times reduces lost work time and ensures they stay happy and productive.

Contact Coinadrink Limited today to experience a bean to cup coffee machine in your workplace. Whether you want to place one behind your reception desk or implement a couple as part of a new canteen or break out area, we can help.