Business Buzz: The what, the where and the when

Business Buzz for Birmingham & Warwickshire

Business Buzz is a community, where our emphasis is on facilitating meaningful and lasting connections that will benefit your business. Our strength lies in our approach – while networking isn’t a new concept, the way we approach it at Business Buzz is unique. We have built an accessible & collaborative culture, centred around people & the value they bring to business, community & connections. We focus on growing & nurturing relationships based on trust & understanding. Fostering the belief that not only do these connections benefit your brand & business, but they benefit you personally, as you become part of the Buzz family. Joining forces with our groups of like-minded individuals boosts your confidence & wellbeing, as well as your business.  

Business Buzz provides 40 plus monthly face-to face networking events & a selection of regionally focused virtual events. This combination of in-person & online events is even more attractive, as there’s no need to commit to membership, all of our events are pay as you go, so you can choose which events you attend & when. Of course, networking works best when it is regular & consistent, but we don’t hold you to any large or on-going financial commitment other than paying for the events you visit. You’ll visit Buzz because you choose to! Like everyone else at Buzz, the power to build genuine business relationships is partly down to the fact that everyone who visits does so through choice.

Each business owner throws back their bed-clothes on the morning of Buzz & makes a conscious decision to visit. There is no lethargic crawl out of bed with the thought “I have paid for that membership fee for “such-&-such” networking & now I need to attend to get my return on investment, even though I am not getting much out of it & I kind of really don’t want to go”. So, in this scenario there is an immediate obstacle to overcome that will hinder you making the most of the opportunity. With Buzz there is no such obstacle – with everyone being there by choice, the conversations are real & the room literally “Buzzes”! At Business Buzz, our relaxed & welcoming approach benefits everyone who walks through our doors or visits us online because we create a deliberate sense of belonging as a direct result of you & everyone else choosing to be there. The mix & mingle, drop-in style is both powerful, friendly & hugely enjoyable.

I suspect your next question is “where can I get a piece of Business Buzz?” Firstly, you can always reach-out to me, as the Regional Lead for Buzz across Birmingham & Warwickshire I am always happy to chat about Buzz, plus I have a good idea of when & where Buzz happens. If you’re a little less out-going & forward then there is our website, which has a page for each Buzz event. Here you can take a look at the local teams that help deliver Business Buzz nationally, find out when & where your favourite or closest Buzz takes place. You can contact the host directly by email or phone, or message our team of real agents on our web-chat service.  Lastly, there is our ground-breaking web-based booking app. You can use the calendar or nifty map or newsfeed to find the best Buzz for you to visit, whether in person or online.

Business Buzz: The Who 

If you are a business owner, Business Buzz is for you. If you support business to succeed, then Business Buzz is for you too.  Our monthly business networking events will sit comfortably as part of your current marketing activities, providing a unique opportunity to build your brand & standing in the local & regional community. With over a thousand people visiting Buzz each month, you will meet people that are outside your current network, enabling you to expand your connections & benefit your business.  

We love our visitors, both our regulars & newcomers, & everyone is welcomed to Business Buzz with a friendly face, & a coffee (or tea if you prefer).  We’re a friendly, inclusive bunch & all of us were new once, so we know how it feels to take those first tentative steps into networking. Entering a room full of people, you don’t know is daunting, but part of our ethos is making people feel comfortable & at ease, & we’ll do all we can to support you. You’ll feel at home in no time! 

My nerves get the better of me & so, I walked up & down outside my first Business Buzz event for at least 20 minutes, probably longer, trying to convince myself to walk through the door. I found every excuse under the sun to not to open the door & go inside! Somehow, I eventually did & I was met by the friendly face of the local Buzz host, who made me feel welcome. Noticing my nerves, he chatted with me for a few moments & cleverly worked out the best person who was already there for me to talk with. Crucially, he took me by the hand & introduced me to another business owner, where he explained it was my first time at Buzz. This business owner was just as welcoming & genuinely interested in me & my business. After we’d chatted for a while I was introduced to someone else…& before I knew it, I was relaxed & in the flow of Buzz.!” Emma Smith – ES HR Consultancy.

Our visitors are at the heart of the Business Buzz family, but there are many different ways you can get involved. Because we are a family, much of our growth is organic & is generated from within, but we’re not restricted to that approach. Let’s talk through how you can be part of The Business Buzz family: 

  • Hosting a Buzz event: Being the host of a Buzz event is a springboard to super-connecting. It means you meet & welcome everyone who comes through the door & initiate connections between your visitors. If you are looking to raise your profile locally, build collaborative relationships & adopt a better way of working, let’s chat!  
  • Becoming a Commercial Business Partner: Joining the Business Buzz Partner Programme is an opportunity to see your brand recognition, community engagement, connections & business profile skyrocket. There are options to join the family at a local or regional level. Not only will you form a key part of our supportive & positive community, you will have a platform from which you can support local business, gain credibility, & build unwavering trust in your product or service. Our local & regional Buzz teams will champion your brand. If you’re ready to take the next rung up on the ladder of networking, I’d love to hear from you. 

Business Buzz: The Why & The How 

As a Business Buzz super-fan, you might think I’m biased when I tell you that Business Buzz is unparalleled in the networking world. So, let me explain why. The Buzz family is made up of skilled business professionals with experience from a range of industries & sectors. Our combined experience is of huge value. Between us, we’ve tried & tested many, many networking & marketing opportunities. While we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to running your own business, our collective experience means our Business Buzz principles are built on informed, strong & reliable foundations. We’ve found out what does & doesn’t work & we’ve honed our principles to ensure they give you the best chance of achieving success. Business interactions can be complicated, but we take a logical, accessible approach to our networking formula. Meet the 3-2-1 principle:

  • 3 – At your favourite Buzz event, try & talk with 3 people you’ve not met before 
  • 2 – Between this Buzz & next month’s Buzz have at least 2 1-2-1 conversations (outside of the Buzz meeting)
  • 1 – If you love Buzz as much as we do, help spread the word & bring 1 visitor next time to help double your opportunities 

Using this principle requires a time investment, but with trust in our method, you can commit your time knowing it is going to result in meaningful connections & in-depth understanding of your fellow Buzzers. Applying this principle to your networking gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on your brand awareness, standing in the community, & ultimately, your revenue.  

The Next Steps 

You’ve reached the end of my whistle-stop tour of Business Buzz, so let me leave you with my best bits:   

Business Buzz is a community in every sense of the word. We offer a friendly, supportive & safe space to make connections, ask questions, & benefit from our collective experience. We believe meaningful relationships built on trust, allow for the best business relationships, & we provide an accessible & collaborative environment to start building your network.  

Whether you’re new to networking or a seasoned pro, our 3-2-1 principle allows everyone to make the most of their networking.    

With many different ways to join the Business Buzz family, whether it’s as a regular visitor as a host or as a commercial business partner, we have a place for you so let’s find it! 

Come & join us!