Career change: from strategic marketing to business coaching

The Kaleidoscope Coach

All jobs have their downsides and the temptation to leap aboard the Grand Resignation and Great Reshuffle train is high – I know, I’ve bought that ticket.  But before you pack your bags, take the time to really think through what you want to take with you, as well as what you’ll leave behind.

Last year, after 30 years of leading the marketing, brand creation and launch of some of the best projects you could ever hope to work on, I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore; client needs were changing, marketing platforms evolving by the hour - and I had changed too. 

I realised that mentoring, developing and empowering people was what made me leap out of bed each morning, so I boxed up my 30 years of marketing expertise, chucked it in the attic and boarded the re-train, becoming a professional business and career coach.

I love coaching: that fizz bomb moment when your client makes a breakthrough, the shift in thinking which opens up a kaleidoscope of options and opportunities – but, you know that nagging feeling as you head for the station, that you’ve forgotten to pack something…

Through reciprocal coaching with some of my peers, we worked out that I had mothballed some essential parts of me – and, just as importantly, of my business offer; hard-earned skills and experience that would truly help my clients – and give me fizz bombs a-plenty.

By re-packing my strategic marketing knowledge and my years of building my own companies neatly alongside my coaching skills, I can help start-up businesses build a meaningful brand and make decisions which are authentic, cost efficient and targeted. That really excites, energises and completes me.

So, I’ve put my strategic hat and brand wand back in the bag with my kaleidoscope and I’m launching a series of free marketing webinars and one to one sessions to help start-ups get started on their marketing.

Find upcoming details about the webinars on my LinkedIn profile or contact me via my website.