Gatekeepers: love them or hate them, they are doing their job

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A gatekeeper ultimately decides whether you are important enough to speak with their boss. It is their job to block unwanted calls and so they are a key element in your success. Gatekeepers are not always easy to win over, so here are our top tips for getting through to that all important decision maker!

Be personal and personable!

The gatekeeper shouldn’t be your enemy, you want them to be your ally! Don’t try and bulldoze your way through them as if they are an automated telephone system. Focus on building a relationship and rapport with the gatekeeper. Learn the gatekeepers name, note it down and use it any time you call them, and this will hold a lot of weight. Gatekeepers are used to being ignored, talked over or generally treated poorly. So, if you take the time to listen and acknowledge them, this will go a long way.

Leverage their knowledge

The gatekeeper is invaluable to you, as they are the eyes and ears of the business you are trying to speak with. They hear and see everything and hold a lot of knowledge on the goings on within a company. If the gatekeeper won’t put you through to the decision maker, ask them questions, it is likely they will know the answers and may be more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

Be polite & persistent

Whilst nobody likes being rejected, it is important not to give up! Nearly half of salespeople never follow up...don’t be in that 50 per cent.

80 per cent of sales are not achieved until the fifth to 12th contact, so keep on going. That being said, it is also important not to get too frustrated. If you are too pushy or rude, you could end up ‘blacklisted’ and you can kiss goodbye to ever speaking to your decision maker! Be cheerful and positive and don’t forget your please and thankyous!

Now whilst we can’t guarantee that using these tips will get you past the gatekeeper every time. It will certainly make your interactions more productive and hopefully more enjoyable.

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