Supporting employee wellbeing: the importance of health plans

The Benefits Lab Ltd

With figures showing hospital waiting times for routine treatment surging to the highest levels ever recorded, supporting your employees with some form of health cover is likely to prove more valuable than ever.

According to NHS figures in early December 2021, more than 5.8 million people are currently waiting for the care they need, with over 250,000 patients already having waited more than a year for treatment.

From an employee perspective, a health plan means that routine treatment can be undertaken quickly by avoiding the NHS waiting list. Furthermore, for the employee, it minimises suffering and inconvenience.

As an employer, it's an opportunity to reduce the period where the employee's productivity is negatively impacted, while also improving employee goodwill.

There are several options depending on budget. Here at The Benefits Lab we work with all the major healthcare providers and can support your business by finding a solution that works for your organisation within the available budget.

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