Sustainable Business Series 2022 : A bright idea – Invest in energy efficiency to strengthen your business

Experienced Energy Solutions

This blog post has been produced for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce as part of the 2022 Sustainable Business Series.

The Sustainable Business Series seeks to help local firms understand the role that they play in progressing to net zero, as well as the opportunities and challenges that may arise from the net-zero transition. Through an expansive range of blogs, webinars, events and podcasts, the Sustainable Business Series offers useful information to businesses interested in adopting a sustainable business approach.

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In this blog, Dominic O’Brien (Managing Director) and Craig Watson (Sales Director) at Experienced Energy Solutions discuss the value of energy efficiency measures and how they can help your business to be more resilient.

The green agenda and the journey to Net Zero may not have been a top priority for your business over the last few years. Many have been in survival mode, journeying through the uncertainty of Brexit, the trials of the pandemic, and we now find ourselves in the midst of an energy crisis. While your business may have put energy efficiency on the back burner in order to endure these challenges, we believe that now is the time to be bold and invest in your energy efficiency, not only for the environmental benefits, but also for the resiliency of your business.

What does energy efficiency look like for your business?

Simply put, by becoming more energy efficient, your organisation will operate and produce the same output but will use less energy in the process.

When tackling your energy efficiency, the first step is to build a full picture of your energy requirements – this knowledge is power. There are lots of ways to do this, whether through introducing smart meters or using an Energy Broker to undertake an energy audit.

Once you fully understand your energy usage across operations, the next step is to look at optimisation. You can start small by switching to LED bulbs, or insulate your premises. Wherever you are as a business, even the most basic changes will enhance your energy efficiency.  

How will your business benefit from energy efficiency measures?

  1. Financial sustainability

Investing into energy efficiency measures will lead to significant financial savings. This is more important than ever as energy prices soar, and we do not predict them to come down any time soon.

Introducing new energy saving practices, such as using automatic light sensors and even simply keeping the doors closed, will make a tangible impact on your operating costs. Some measures can also create an additional revenue stream.  For instance, when investing in solar panels, any surplus solar energy stored can be sold back to your supplier, enhancing your financial sustainability. 

  1. Reducing the risk of business interruption

We understand that keeping your business running is paramount. This is why we see great value in protecting your business from external factors which may impede your ability to operate, such as fuel shortages or blackouts.  

Investing in your efficiency will reduce the demand you have for energy supply, and in turn reduce your reliance on a volatile energy market. What’s more, if you choose to invest in a self-generating energy system such as solar or wind, your supply will be less impacted by factors influencing the energy market, such as the geo-political landscape.

  1. Social responsibility – being part of the change

At the core the Net Zero campaign is the importance of being responsible for our environment, and limiting the effects of climate change. A blog about the value of energy efficiency would be incomplete without highlighting the social responsibility we all have to reduce our impact on the environment. We believe that it is not enough to be a bystander.

Not only will the environment benefit, but taking your social responsibility seriously speaks volumes for who you are as an organisation. Stand up, be noticed, and be part of the change.

“It has never been more important for businesses to understand and get on top of the energy they consume. It is imperative we are smarter in the way we use energy. There are long term solutions that can support a net zero plan however with the ongoing energy crisis, energy efficiencies are the go to solutions for the here and now.” Dominic O'Brien, Managing Director, Experienced Energy Solutions