How can small businesses make the most out of Christmas?

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If you’ve been thinking about doing something for Christmas, it’s not too late!

Here are 8 ways you can start to think about Christmas and give your Christmas marketing some focus:


1. Do some research

Google your business in relation to Christmas and the kinds of questions that come up that people are looking for answers to. Think about how you can use it in your seasonal marketing strategy and really embrace the festive season. Every business can use Christmas to their advantage (it just might take more thinking about for some!).


2.Create a theme

Branding is still important at Christmas. You want to keep your branding recognisable but also add some festive elements that create something new and engaging. This is one of those Christmas ideas for small businesses that really shows your attention to detail and how much you care. Creating a christmas logo can have a big impact!


3. Add Christmas products

If you have an  e-commerce website, make sure you are advertising your products on social media and make sure you have a Christmas call-to-action on your website (you can switch it off when you need to and then it will be ready for next year too!) Also make sure that you have optimised them as fully as possible to maximise exposure.


4. Organise stationery

Do you need to promote your Christmas services/products with leaflets or order Christmas stickers or tags? There is still time or why not create a buzz, and engagement, for the new year? Include some offers and incentives for the new year to get people talking and returning. You can give them out at your events and meetings or with sales up to the big day.


5. Spread Christmas cheer

How can you use the festive season to create some noise/good feeling that will set you apart from your competitors? Think Christmas comps, scratch cards, loyalty promos, gifts, cards etc or supporting a local charity or small business (Cards are probably one of the most undervalued Christmas ideas for small businesses as they give you the opportunity to get back in touch!)


6. Review your website

As one of your primary marketing channels, your website is the perfect place to showcase your festive ideas. Get in touch with your web designers and start thinking about how your website can promote your Christmas range or encompass the festive season. It’s not too late and anything you do, can be used every Christmas so it is never a waste.


7. Make a plan

Pick one, two or three things you’d like to do (better to stick with one and do it properly than try and do everything). Christmas marketing evolves and each year you can add to it and develop your Christmas brand and focus. It can be really exciting and a fun, positive way to help you stand apart and create traction in all your communication and marketing channels.


If you need any help with getting ready for Christmas , drop us a message here. We love to brainstorm and hear your ideas.

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Oh, and a very happy Christmas to you all!

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