What are the benefits of a VoIP telephone system for dentists?

Telecom Central

Having an effective telephone system in place is essential to enable your dental practice to manage calls and provide the best possible experience for patients.

With this in mind, are you happy with your current telephone system or is it time to upgrade to a VoIP telephone system? Telecom Central have been providing Telephone System for Dentists for many years. Having worked closely with dental surgeries and dentist groups, we understand the unique communication requirements of this sector.

Integrating a VoIP telephone system within your surgery will offer you a whole host of benefits and help you to get more out of your investment and communications systems.



Due to a VoIP telephone system being run over your internet network, this solution offers a greater level of flexibility than a traditional system ever could.

VoIP systems don’t require hardware to be located in your practice and are easily scalable, allowing you to have one system that can be used across multiple locations, making it an ideal solution for a group of dentist surgeries.

Due to its flexibility, you are also able to tailor the system to meet your needs, introducing new features easily in line with your changing needs, making it a worthwhile investment.


Easy management and maintenance

A hosted system is managed remotely, which makes management and maintenance a smooth and stress-free process.

Should you experience an issue, it is a quick and easy process to report the issue to your provider who can respond and remotely resolve the issue in a timely manner.

It is the same concept in regards to system maintenance, with the provider being able to maintain the system remotely, reducing the need to visit your practice which would usually impact the day-to-day running of your surgery.

Through regular maintenance, your provider can ensure that any issues are identified early on and resolved swiftly, preventing any serious complications that could have led to downtime.

This remote management and maintenance save you both valuable time and money.


Better level of service

Introducing a VoIP Telephone System for a Dental Practice offers a whole host of features, from call waiting and call logging, through to call recording and much more.

All of these features will help your team to use the system more productively and in turn, improve the level of service to your customers.

In order to provide a quality experience for your patients, their calls should be dealt with in an efficient manner and how they book an appointment and contact your reception staff should be simple, easy and seamless.

A VoIP telephone system will enable you to achieve all of the above.


Improve efficiencies

Due to the design of a VoIP system, it can easily be integrated with your CRM system and/or other software systems which deal with patient data.

This seamless integration enables you to house everything under one umbrella and have everything at your fingertips, allowing for the efficient management of patient data whilst ensuring compliance.

Being able to access this patient data will enable your staff to be fully informed when arranging appointments and communicating with patients, providing them with the best possible experience and ensuring their needs are being effectively met.

If you have been experiencing issues with your current telephone system, or you would like to transform your communications and reap the benefits that a VoIP telephone system has to offer, our team is on hand to help.