A great brand creates a 'fizz bomb' moment

The Kaleidoscope Coach

What makes your working day worthwhile? For me, it’s that fizz bomb moment when I’m working with a client and their brand really starts to come together – it’s like eating Space Dust candy as a kid, when it explodes and crackles on your tongue, or watching a bath bomb do its thing.

I’m not actually a laze in the bath kind of a person, but I do love watching a great bath bomb: the way they start to fizz, slowly at first, then gathering momentum, sending waves of colour, sparkles and energy out in ever widening circles.

A great brand will do the same thing: when your brand is a true and meaningful representation of your business, it should bubble through everything you do.  The way you write and talk, the images and videos you use, the places you frequent (on and off-line), the service and product you offer. 

Your business values, your passion, your appeal will explode into the marketplace, vibrant, exciting, enticing, consistent and targeted.  Awareness and engagement will spread, wider and wider, building energy and momentum, yet still holding true to that original ethos.

For start-ups, exploring and defining your brand early in your journey will save both time and money, so think through what makes you different from everyone else, build that into your marketing - and watch those fizz bombs explode.