How to make your recruitment process a success

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The demand for salespeople is continuing to boom, even in a fluctuating job market. A long, complex recruitment process, coupled with a difference between candidate expectations and compensation can often make sales roles some of the hardest to fill!

Here’s our top tips to make your recruitment process a success:


In a competitive market, timing is everything! Candidates come on and off the market quickly, so it is important to ensure you complete your recruitment process as efficiently as possible. Plan dates for each stage of the recruitment process and advise candidates of this, so they can ensure their availability and be aware of the timeframes involved.

Don’t just sit back and wait

Advertising your job role on relevant job boards is a great start but taking a proactive approach to recruitment will vastly improve your success rate. Make a list of your competitors, or companies that have a particularly strong reputation and seek out their salespeople. LinkedIn is a great headhunting tool. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Know your competition

Candidates will often be in multiple recruitment processes at the same time. It is important that you don’t plead ignorance to this. Ask your candidates who/ what roles they are interviewing for, how they compare to your role and where their preferences lie. The last thing you want is to be oblivious to the fact that your favourite candidate has five other interviews, and your role is at the bottom of the pile!

The whole package

Finding a new job is so much more than just going after a higher salary nowadays. You need to think about the total compensation package. Things like commission/ bonus and a company car are often standard in sales roles, but what else does your company offer? Can you provide flexible working or working from home? What do you do to promote employee wellbeing? What is your company culture like? A candidate will take all these things into consideration when looking for a role, so make sure that you are selling all the benefits of working for your company, not just the financial aspects.

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