Five inexpensive ways to celebrate an employee's birthday

Coppice HR

Celebrate the momentous events in your employees’ lives and create a positive working environment as an outcome.

The smallest of gestures (random acts of kindness) can go a long way with colleagues. It’s not typically expected for employers or colleagues to go ‘all out’ celebrating office birthdays. However, a moment of recognition for someone’s birthday can be greatly beneficial. Employees are more likely to feel valued working in an inclusive environment which benefits their overall well-being.

Five inexpensive ways to celebrate an employee's birthday are: 

1. Decorate their workspace

This is possibly the cheapest option, that will give the longest-lasting impression. Stereotypically employees get embarrassed about their desk being bombarded with balloons, banners and baby photos, but the reality is it makes them feel special and valued by their colleagues and leaders. 

2. Give them an employee reward

If you use an employee recognition reward system with your employees it might be a great way to give them a small but thoughtful birthday gift. Depending on the availability of your reward system, give your employee some gift vouchers or send them a box of chocolates or flowers.  

3. Pass a card around the office

As a senior member in the office, be the person to ensure colleagues feel included. Purchase a card (as cheap or expensive as you wish) and pass it around the office for colleagues each to write an individual message for the employee celebrating their birthday. Colleagues could also add monetary donations or gifts at their own discretion. 

4. Get them a sweet treat

Everyone in the office will become your friend if you buy the birthday employee a sharing cake or a sharing box of doughnuts or brownies. Legend has it, this is the direct route to the heart of your employees!

5. Give your employees the day off

If you don’t already, why don’t you offer your employees the opportunity to take their birthday off work? Allowing your employees valuable time off to spend their special day celebrating how they like with friends and family away from the work is sure to set you in good stead as an employer. 

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