GTP22: From great strategy to superb outcomes

Investors in Excellence

This blog post has been produced for the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce as part of the 2022 Growth Through People campaign.

Growth Through People is the Chamber’s annual campaign aiming to help local firms boost productivity and grow through improved leadership and people management skills. In 2022 this involves 8 free webinars and events sharing best practice advice and guidance taking place throughout March, and a Growth Through People conference on 30th March. In addition, throughout the campaign the Chambers will be publishing thought leadership podcasts and blog content such as this.

Thanks to our Headline Partners and Sponsors – Aston University, Birmingham City Council, South and City College Birmingham and the West Midlands Combined Authority - all Growth Through People workshops are free to attend. Interested readers can find out more and register to attend Growth Through People workshops here, and the Growth Through People conference here.

In the world of excellence, everything we do is based on Circles of Excellence. In education, we use a Circle of Excellence covering Scheme of work, Planning, Delivery, and Assessment.

To get from great strategy to superb outcomes in any business, we use A-B-C-D-E-F:


Use a framework for excellence to improve and assess performance.


Agree on What Matters Most with a clear purpose, concise vision, and distinct mission.


Tell everyone what success looks like and what’s expected of them.


Develop strategic objectives for everyone to use to achieve improving performance.


Embed excellence in all activities and exceed expectations consistently.


Get everyone fulfilling the big business objectives.

What are Excellence Circles?

They’re groups of people at different levels of a business who meet regularly to identify, analyse, and solve work-related problems. An excellence circle is a maturing group of people, who are trained to identify, analyse and solve work-related problems and present their solutions to improve the performance of the organisation, and motivate and enrich the work of people.

Objectives of Excellence Circles

  • To contribute towards the improvement and development of the organisation, department or team.
  • To overcome the barriers that may exist within the prevailing organisational structure and foster an open exchange of ideas.
  • To develop a positive attitude and feel a sense of involvement in the decision-making processes.
  • To respect people and to build a happy workplace productive to work.
  • To display human capabilities totally and in the long-term to improve performance possibilities.
  • To improve the quality of products and services.
  • To enhance competence, which should be one of the goals of all organisations.
  • To reduce cost and wasteful efforts.
  • To exceed customer’s needs and expectations.
  • To achieve competitive advantage.

Benefits of Excellence Circles

  • Self-development. Excellence circles assist self-development of people by improving self-confidence, transformational change, and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Social development. An excellence circle is a consultative and participative programme where every person cooperates with others. This interaction assists in developing harmony.
  • Opportunity to attain knowledge. People have a chance attaining new knowledge by sharing opinions, thoughts, and experience.
  • Identify potential leaders. Every person gets a chance to build up her/his leadership potential, in view of the fact that any person can become a leader.
  • Enhanced communication skills. The mutual problem-solving and presentation activities will develop communication skills.
  • Job-satisfaction. Excellence circles promote creativity by tapping into the undeveloped intellectual skills of people. In addition, individuals execute activities diverse from regular work, which enhances their self-confidence and gives them huge job satisfaction.
  • Healthy working environment. Excellence circles create a tension-free atmosphere, which every person likes, understands, and collaborates in.
  • Organisational benefits. Everyone benefits creating a synergistic effect, leading to cost effectiveness, reduction in waste, better quality, and higher productivity.
  • Excellent Loop Management. Closing circles to demonstrate strategic leadership.

About the Author:

Kevin Hart, MD and Programme Director of Investors in Excellence, is a specialist in Strategic Human Resource Management and Talent Development. He has an extensive background in diverse operational situations, managing complex cultural change programmes to meet strategic objectives. An inspirational leader and outstanding team player.