Hitting a brick wall: gaining a new perspective

The Kaleidoscope Coach

Do you sometimes feel you’ve hit a brick wall, got so stuck that you want to smash it up and start again?

Before you grab the sledgehammer, pick up the kaleidoscope instead, because, sometimes, a small tweak will give you a much brighter picture – without the fallout.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to break into a new market, launch an improved service, or simply reconnect with former clients.  You know your offer is strong, your product is right, and the time is now.  You’ve used tried and tested methods, a clever strapline, new packaging – but something is not connecting.

Try looking at it a different way, and view things from the perspective of your customers: what do they think they need? What will help them, make their day go more smoothly, put the zing back with their zang? What frustrates or annoys them – and how can you solve this? What could you do differently to show you get it and are on their side?

By taking that step back, it will be easier to spot the – often slight - changes you can make to turn your brick wall into a pathway. You may need some help to do this – you could have your nose pressed a little too close – so just ask.

Talk to your customers, your prospects, your employees. What do your stakeholders, your ambassadors, your advocates think? Look at companies and people you admire, and how they might see things.  Check out what your competitors are doing – and how you can do things differently to better resonate with your customers.

There’s lots of people who can help you twist that kaleidoscope before you don your safety goggles and wield that hammer – perhaps I could be one of them.