What are the benefits of a VoIP Telephone System?

Telecom Central

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephone Systems are designed to future proof your business communications whilst making it easier to manage and improve your customer experience.

VoIP / Cloud has been available for many years but it is only now that moving on from PBX and legacy systems has become a priority for businesses.

There are two main reasons for the appetite for change - the adoption of hybrid working and the ISDN switch off in 2025. 

We have seen a significant shift to VoIP during the pandemic as employees work from home and need to be able to access their business phone system remotely.

BT are set to turn off the ISDN lines in 2025 which means all systems will be VoIP or Cloud based. We are now seeing a high number of those who use traditional PBX systems looking to upgrade to modern systems ahead of the switch off. We will still support your legacy systems and help you to prepare to make the switch. 

Three reasons to move to a VoIP Phone System:

Improved Customer Service

Integrating a range of cost effective features will improve customer experience when people are calling you. Introducing Call Queueing and Voicemail to Email as well as Music on Hold features help to keep callers informed and ensure every call is dealt with professionally. 

It is essential to get customer service right as your phone system could be their first interaction with your organisation. Delivering the right first impression is paramount. 

Flexible features and programming also make it easy to route calls around the organisation quickly and efficiently.

As a VoIP system can be used outside of the office, your staff who are working remotely are able to use the system and answer calls from anywhere, making it seamless for customers as they can speak to your team regardless of their location. 

Easy to maintain and repair

Unlike traditional systems, a VoIP Telephone System doesn't require hardware on site as it is hosted in the cloud, making it easier to maintain through remote access. This removes the need for an engineer to visit your site every time there is an issue, regardless of how minor. 

Many small fixes and changes can be done remotely reducing potentially long periods of downtime waiting for an engineer. This also reduces cost of ongoing support and maintenance. 

You can identify and isolate problems without the need to shut down the whole system which has detrimental impact on the whole business. 

Flexible and Scalable

VoIP Telephone Systems provide you with a great deal of flexibility to make changes and additions quickly in line with the changing needs of your business. The flexibility of such system means you are only paying for what you use. 

If you have multiple sites, you can roll out a single VoIP system across the whole business, making it easier to manage one system. This also helps to consolidate costs with one telecoms provider as opposed to paying for multiple systems. Bringing all of your sites together, will also make it easier to train staff and manage internally.