Working as an IT trainee: a two-month reflection

AI Global Media

Two months ago at AI Global Media, a multi-platform publishing house with a global reach, we decided it was time to expand our evolving IT department to support the various projects undertaken to improve internal process and customer service.

We decided to use the Government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’ Kickstart Scheme which offers six-month jobs for young people, aged 16 to 24, currently claiming Universal Credit and at risk for long-term unemployment.

In doing so, we hired our first IT trainee from the scheme, Ryan Brogden, who reflects on his start in the business:  

Can you please tell us a bit about you? This may be previous experience(s), education, hobbies and/or interests.

“I’m an avid football fan and enjoy both watching and playing at the weekend; however, I spend most of my free time gaming. I listen mainly to rock music and hope to get back to going to concerts again soon. As both my previous jobs were in the fast-food business, where I was a shift manager, this style of job is completely new to me.” 

How are you finding AI as a company to work for? And what were your first thoughts when you heard about the business?

“It’s great, I’ve felt welcomed since I started and look forward to coming into the office each day, I was a bit familiar with the business as I’d heard the name before but didn’t have much information about it, so I was very intrigued when I looked at the website. Right away I could tell how professional the business was.

We believe that our people are our biggest asset. How are you finding working with your line manager and your fellow team members? 

“It has been amazing. Everyone has been really welcoming and helpful; I look forward to coming into the office to see everyone. I can have a laugh whilst being productive with my work which is great for stressful and busy days.” 

What opportunities have you been given to develop in these early stages of employment? 

“Since I started, I have been constantly learning new things When it comes to email creation and data cleaning, as well as how other parts of the company work and operate. When a team member was on holiday, I had to do the entire week without help for email creation which assisted me in gaining confidence in my abilities and finding my footing within the team. I have also been introduced to other aspects of my role which I will be learning about soon such as networking and our CRM platform. It is nice to see where this journey is taking me.”  

Which elements of your role are you enjoying most? 
“I’m enjoying the email creation part greatly, as it allows me to be creative whilst ensuring I maintain a keen attention to detail. Since I am doing stuff for the other teams in the company, it provides me with the chance to talk to, and get to know, a lot of my colleagues which is great. I’ve also really been enjoying learning the ins-and-outs of my role and how it contributes to the wider company which I find very interesting as this is my first job in a corporate setting.”

What aspirations do you have for your future? Would you like to remain a part of the business in the long term? 

“I’ve always wanted a job within IT and am always looking at courses for python and cyber security I would hope that at some time in my future I would be able to learn either or both. I would love to stay a part of this business. In the long run, I think the model of this business and the type of people who comprise the workforce would make anyone want to stay. I’ve loved every minute I’ve been here and can easily say that I have never been happier in a job. Working doesn’t feel like ‘work’.

Tell us one fun fact about you; it can be anything! 

“I have a huge love for film musicals. They were my guilty pleasure growing up.

“Having successfully included such a positive employee into its ranks, AI Global Media will doubtlessly turn to such apprenticeships in the future. Having the opportunity to not only improve their own ranks, but the lives of the people from the community as well, just seems like smart business.”