Are your fire doors compliant?

Doorfit Products Ltd

Fire doors are life safety products and as an employer, owner of a building, leaseholder or building manager, you have a responsibility for fire safety.

Hence, there are three questions that you must be able to answer.

  1. Is the door certified?

 You might think so, but the label will confirm one of two scenarios:

If the door was supplied as a doorset, the door leaf will be labelled and/or have an identification plug and the door frame will be labelled as “approved to match the door”. The label will cover the complete assembly and confirm what the doorset is certified to; FD30, FD60, etc.

If the door was not supplied as a doorset but made up from individual components, the label will only cover the door leaf. You’ll also need to ensure compliance of each component - the door frame, hinges, closers, handles, locks, seals, vision panels and signage.


  1. Is the door functioning correctly?

Ask the following questions if you may think the door functioning need inspection;

  • If the door is opened halfway and released or released from a compliant hold-open device, does it close fully without sticking?
  • Are the smoke seals undamaged with no gaps and have not been painted over?
  • Are the hinges secure and in good condition?
  • Is the door leaf and frame free from penetrations and undamaged?
  • Is glazing secure, undamaged and gap free?
  • Is ironmongery, secure and undamaged?


3. Is the door correctly installed?

Consider asking the following questions;

  • Are leaf to frame gaps 3mm +/- 1mm?
  • Is the frame securely fixed to the wall?
  • Are there a minimum of three hinges?
  • Is signage clear and appropriate?

Protus Fire Doorsets are a complete assembly of door, frame, seals, glazing and ironmongery requiring minimal on-site fabrication. They mitigate risk by eliminating the concerns and complexity of compliance inherent in a door constructed onsite from separately purchased components.

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