How to create a culture of wellbeing in your workplace?

BMR Health and Wellbeing

Costs have been increasing and many organisations make the mistake of cutting the budget they spend on their team’s wellbeing. However, your people are facing the same worries about the cost of living as the organisation.

Creating a culture where wellbeing matters has never been more important. Not only will it make you an employer of choice, but it will also reduce your attrition levels, sick days and increase productivity.


The state of the nation

  • 30 per cent of the UK have reported suffering from a mental health condition in their lifetime
  • 50 per cent of employees experience poor mental health symptoms due to factors external to work
  • 56 per cent have experience both work and non-work-related symptoms
  • 45 per cent of LGBT+ report being formally diagnosed with a mental health condition
  • 62 per cent of managers put the interest of the organisation above staff wellbeing, either sometimes, regularly or every day.
  • 48 per cent says that their ability to effectively manage their staff’s wellbeing is part of their role assessment


Top tips to promote a wellbeing culture

Here are some of the top tips you can implement in your business to promote a positive wellbeing culture.


Be aware of what’s happening around you

Knowledge is power, the more the team and managers understand about the impact of mental health and menopause has on themselves and their fellow team members both in the workplace and externally, the better they can support each other and signpost where needed.


Create team champions

Train key team members to be champions in both mental health and menopause. These team members can look for signs and risks in the workplace, prevent ill health and creating a culture of support.


Invest in EAP

Invest in an Employees Assistance Programme. Giving every team member access to confidential advice from wellbeing to debt management.  Supporting team members with issues affecting them at home will ensure the can be productive at work.


Launch a survey

Understand the key factors impacting your team with an organisation wide Mental Health Survey enabling you to create a risk reduction plan.


Plan ahead

Create a calendar of informative wellbeing lunches and highlight key wellness days. Give the team bite size training and keep them up to date.

BMR Health and Wellbeing work with organisations to provide them with a company-wide health and wellbeing strategy. One which ensures their health and well-being budget is used in the right areas and maximises the return on the spend.

To create a culture we look at Prevention, Promotion, Awareness and Support rather than reacting to an issue or situation after it has happened.


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