Is being busy your business’ safe haven?

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Being busy can be a popular safe haven for some business owners. If you’re busy – you’re successful, or at least on the way to success…right?

Busy can often feel like the right place to be. A full diary. Client work overflowing. Lots of meetings.

But is this ‘busyness’ sustainable? Can your business bring in the money you would like at this busy level, and are you really happy?

Is this the balanced and flexible business you were hoping for when you started out?

You certainly wouldn’t be blamed for staying in the busyness. It can feel harder to get out of the creation of this type of business, because well, how do you find the time!?

X runs a small, relatively successful, creative business. From the outside it looks great – lots of client work, interesting people, and locations to work in and its within their chosen industry utilising all their core skills. However, lacking the all-important flexibility.

Is this the business she intended it to be? To be this busy…? The guilt and resentment have not only started to kick in, but it is also well and truly taking up residency. One of the main reasons for starting her own small business in the first place was for flexibility.

Flexibility to take time out whenever she pleased, spend time with her family and have the knowing and peace of mind that she was in charge of her own destiny – earnings and time.

Who is X?

X is most small business owners several years into their business…


If nothing changes

“Change nothing. Nothing changes.” - Maya Angelou

There’s always choice. Never more than when it’s your small business. Decisions can be made, and steps can be taken to reverse or move forward with a different approach.

So, the question is how do you free up time to do more of the things you love; in order to create the business you dreamed of all those years ago?

Success, since the start-up years, has changed meaning. It no longer means busy, it means time. Time to do all the other things you want. And this is OK!


Where to start

Carve out 1-2 hours in your diary. Put that time in your calendar and treat it like you would a client meeting. Write down everything you did in the previous working day: the work, the client (or not) and the time taken to complete the task. You will soon start to see where you need and want to make changes to free up space. Small steps, one at a time, towards more flexibility and balance…

Are you X?

What one small step can you take today that your future business will be hugely grateful for?

Feeling stuck or not sure what steps to take? Book in for my complimentary Kickstart Session – a one hour call to give you clarity, focus and guidance on your best next steps in business.