How does company culture impact employee productivity?

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Every business leader wants to improve the productivity of their employees, or at least maintain it. This doesn’t just “happen”, though. If your team are happy at work then they are more likely to be productive, which means improving your company culture is vital.

Company culture refers to the attitudes and behaviours of the company and its employees.

Most of the time, a company’s culture isn’t made up of written practices. Instead, it’s a psychological constant formed from deliberate actions and long-standing decisions that have been made over time. 

Because of this, it can be better understood by closely analysing your employees and how happy they are working for your brand every day.

A strong company culture will simply make the working day better for your staff. They will feel motivated from the moment they step on site, to the moment they leave to go home at the end of the day.

Of course, for you as the employer, motivated staff are more likely to achieve their goals. Orchestrating a strong company culture is key.


So how do you improve your company culture?

Once you understand that culture is closely tied to employee wellness, then it will be easier to implement initiatives that prove to be extremely valuable to your team at work.

For example, a company that promotes a strong work/life balance with hybrid and home working will be strongly appreciated in today’s modern world.

You could also look at your on-site facilities. With so much of our time spent at work, it goes without saying that your environment will make or break happiness and motivation.

With coffee culture a key part of the working day, why not look at an office coffee machine to upgrade your existing solution?

Alternatively, to take employee wellbeing to the next level, more and more businesses are housing these kind of refreshment facilities in tailored breakout areas, built from the ground up to provide a relaxing space for employees.

46 per cent of job seekers say company culture is a priority when looking for a new job. 86% would avoid an organisation that has a bad reputation.

These statistics show that a good leader cannot afford to waste time in making their company a better one to work for, especially when your end goal is to grow through productivity.

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