Is it too late for business coaching?

Meta4 Business Coaching

Inspired and productive ideas on how to grow your business come in waves. Weeks may go by where you find yourself absolutely flying high with creativity and activity. Attending meetings that feel promising, a lead to a potentially exciting opportunity, posting on socials believing them to be thought-provoking and impactful, having one to ones that appear to be going in a positive direction.

And then…

Nothing. A whole lot of nothingness.

It wasn’t an opportunity after all, it was someone trying to sell to you. The post fell flat on LinkedIn, and no one engaged at all. And that one to one? Well, they just sat and told you everything about them and their business for one whole hour, never even asking you one question about you and your business!

We’ve all been there.

This hive of inspired activity is predictably followed by grim disappointment and does so in continuous cycles. The business doesn’t feel sustainable. And you feel like your business has gone beyond business coaching. You feel un-coachable.

Take B, who has been working for several years on her business. Waiting for clients to come as, “they know what I do and what I can help with, and I know they need someone like me to help solve their problems”. Only they don’t come. They don’t decide to work with her. They work with someone else instead. Why?

Because they don’t really understand what B does or how she can help, and they don’t know or feel comfortable enough to start that conversation with her. B needs to make it easier and simpler for them.

What a good business coach will do is help you; articulate what you do in a way that translates into tangible results for your clients, help you develop a way of nurturing potential clients in an authentic way and help you pull together clear service offerings that align directly with their needs taking them softly from enquiries to paying clients.

If you’ve still got a passion for your business (however distant the feeling may be!) it’s never too late for business coaching…

So, when is the right time to engage with a coach?

Always – Leap before you feel ready.

You don’t have to do it alone. Book in for my complimentary Kickstart Session – a one hour call to give you clarity, focus and guidance on your best next steps in business.