New additions to Pebble Mill development

05 October 2017

The regeneration of Pebble Mill - the 27-acre site which was home to the former BBC broadcasting centre - is reaching its final stages, with plans to create a new food and drink development.

The ambitious vision of Calthorpe Estates to regenerate Pebble Mill as a world-class destination for healthcare, medical and Life Science facilities at the heart of the Edgbaston Medical Quarter (EMQ) is close to being completed with the remaining sites firming their development details.

Calthorpe Estates is submitting a reserved matters planning application to develop food and drink facilities, which will be occupied by Costa Coffee and Miller & Carter. 

The new facilities will provide enhanced services for visitors and people working at Pebble Mill and living in the surrounding area.

Ralph Minott, development director at Pebble Mill, said: “After years of planning, development, patient determination and focus, we can see the final jigsaw of Pebble Mill coming together as a place which will provide unique benefits and services as a landmark healthcare destination.

“The combination of individual plots that include a Bupa care home, Birmingham Dental Hospital and School of Dentistry, Circle Health’s private hospital and ambitious Medical Hub at Plot 4, is a beacon case study for others to emulate worldwide.

“The vision, which goes back 15 years, shared by Birmingham City Council and Regional Development Agency, was to create jobs and training in a scheme that delivers a mix and density of development in beautiful settings, retaining the open aspect and activity within its playing fields. 

“We are proud of the built environment and amenities we are delivering at Pebble Mill and our investment in the sporting uses of hockey and rugby, that will now be part of the RFU’s investment in the region.

“This world-class facility is the result of hard work, fortitude and bringing together a huge partnership of stakeholders, including Birmingham City Council and its planning team that have challenged but embraced our ambition and overall masterplan.”

The latest reserved matters planning application includes landscaping around the food and beverages areas and a flood defence channel to offer a natural setting.
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