‘Growth’ event examines leadership

27 February 2017

Productivity and leadership were on the agenda at the Chamber’s latest Growth Through People event.
The event, hosted by Birmingham City University, focused on different leadership styles and the impact they can have on workplace scenarios.
The session was delivered by Robin Lawrence, course director and coach from Leadership Trust.
Delegates completed a short survey to find out where on the leadership spectrum they fell and then gained insight into their assertiveness, leadership, followership, and value system.
Delegates were told whether they had a ‘lefty’ or ‘righty’ personal preference (Heart ruling head vs head ruling heart).
With this information, delegates were encouraged to discuss leadership in their own organisations and how they could use this new information in the workplace.
Elliot Mason, policy and patronage advisor at Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, said: “Effective leadership is a core topic for our Growth Through People campaign as it is impossible to get the best out of your workforce without it.
“However, in this session we discussed the importance of having effective leaders at many different levels of an organisation and the benefits that this can bring to businesses.
“The Leadership Trust call this dispersed leadership and it was great to be able to share their expertise with delegates to help them to better understand their own leadership preferences and the implications this has for their business relationships and productivity.
“By changing the mind-set that leadership only works top-down we believe that business leaders can encourage greater levels of employee engagement and innovation.”

Robin Lawrence said: “It was a pleasure to be part of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce breakfast event and to share some insights into behaviours that can affect productivity and performance.

“The Leadership Trust is delighted to support the GBCC and their initiatives which are designed to connect and support businesses in this vibrant community.”


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