Creative firm welcomes new client with ‘spectacular’ site launch

02 May 2018

Digital and creative agency Cocoonfxmedia Ltd have landed a new logistics client – and delivered them a spectacular web design.

The Lichfield-based firm have just finished a two-month project with logistics newcomers FSC Oceans.

The freightforwarding firm found Cocoonfxmedia on a Google search and instructed them to create a new website.

Cocoonfxmedia were able to draw on past experiences working with logistics industry.

Managing partner James Blackman, who is also president of the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce, said: “This was an exciting project as it allowed us to use our new content management system that we have been developing.

“With FSC Oceans we felt that with our experience working with logistics companies in the past with my background in logistics at Khune & Nagel, we could offer FSC Oceans that little bit more than just a website, and helped shape the content as well as the design for the website.”

Creative partner Glen Tapper, who worked with FSC Oceans in creating the design, said: “As far as websites go in the freight forwarding sector they can be fairly dry.

“The client really wanted to present something different as a direct indicator of their way of doing business.

“We used of a lot of design and typographic elements that you wouldn't normally see in a freight forwarding site that puts FSC Oceans ahead of the pack.”

Pictured: A glimpse of the new website

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