Businesses encouraged to ‘invest to grow’

21 August 2018

A campaign by Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce (GBCC) that helps businesses boost productivity through investment in innovation, research and development, technology and machinery is launching on 10 September.

The campaign will explore the opportunities, support on offer and challenges affecting businesses investing in these areas.

It will be based around local case studies, briefing information and expert commentary all provided by Chamber members.

Members taking part include the University of Birmingham, The NEC Group, RSM, Fracino, CocoonFX Media, R&D Tax Northwest and Veriserv.

All content will be promoted through the Chambers’ news and social media channels and via a dedicated section of its website.

Director of policy and strategic relationships at the GBCC, Henrietta Brealey (pictured), said: “With Invest to Grow, we aim to inspire and inform businesses on the opportunities presented by investing in innovation, R&D, tech and machinery and emerging trends as well as exploring the barriers and recommendations for change.

“Has your business recently invested in new technology or machinery? Or are R&D and innovation key parts of your business strategy? We would love to hear how investing in this space has made a difference to your business.

“Providing a case study is a great way of raising awareness of your brand, showcasing your organisations’ innovative approach to this agenda and supporting other businesses in the region.”

If you or your organisations are interested in getting involved in the GBCC Invest to Grow campaign you can:

  • Take part in the Business Growth Seminar: Invest to Grow , 4 September (8.30am-10.30am) at Chamber House, 75 Harborne Road, Birmingham and speak to a range of experts about the support available for your business (clickhere)
  • Showcase how your organisation is investing in innovation, R&D, technology or machinery by providing a case study for the Invest to Grow contact Henrietta Brealey on Brealey@Birmingham-Chamber.comfor more information.
  • Join the conversation on social media using #I2G18 from 10 September.
  • Keep an eye on the Chamber website and news channels during the campaign

Week one of the campaign, focusing on investment in innovation and research and development (R&D), is sponsored by the University of Birmingham (UoB).

The second week will focus on investment in technology and machinery and is available for sponsorship at £1,500+VAT.

Henrietta Brealey added: “We are delighted to be working with the University of Birmingham on this campaign. They are leaders in the field for driving collaboration and innovation with and in the business community across the city-region and beyond.  

“Boosting productivity is a pressing concern, UK Government, local stakeholders and individual businesses looking to gain a competitive edge.

“With Invest to Grow, we aim to inspire and inform businesses on the opportunities presented by investing in innovation, R&D, tech and machinery, emerging trends and the support available to help them on their journey.”

“Greater Birmingham has long been a centre of innovation and industry, right from its roots in the industrial revolution. The case studies we are receiving from local businesses on their practical, forward thinking approach to this agenda prove that this is still the case today (if not even more so).

“We are excited to be bringing forward this new campaign and this partnership with the University of Birmingham will help us make it even stronger.”

Gurmit Kler, director of business engagement at the University of Birmingham, said: “We’re excited to be sponsoring the Chamber of Commerce’s first Invest to Grow campaign, which highlights the importance of regional investment in innovation and R&D to boost productivity locally.

“More than ever businesses and universities need to work together to address shared challenges.

“The University of Birmingham is driving innovation through our bespoke industry collaborations.

“Since its inception in 1900, the University of Birmingham recognised the importance of university-business collaboration to drive society and the economy, share resources and knowledge, and make important things happen.

“We look forward to sharing our insight and joining the conversations around the campaign.”



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