Coach firm come to ski tour operator's rescue

12 March 2019

Bouden Coach Travel has come to the rescue of a ski tour operator by purchasing a new 63-seater coach.

The operator was plunged into crisis just two days before heading for the slopes of Folgardia in Italy, after realising it had not had accounted space for the extra driver required to make the trip.

But Birmingham-based Bouden sprang into action by purchasing a new 63-seat Scania Omni Express coach to cater for the client’s needs.

The new vehicle was purchased from Scania in Worksop, Nottinghshire.

Bouden’s director Adel Bouden said: “The clients are at the heart of everything at Bouden Travel.

“We were quick to act, coming to the rescue by purchasing this new 63-seater and ultimately saving the day.

“I can’t wait to have a go in it myself, our first Scania addition to the fleet.”

To find out more about Bouden Coach Travel, visit

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