Wellbeing coach on mission to aid education professionals

13 January 2020

A mindset and wellbeing coach is on a mission to help teachers, senior leaders and all staff in education to lead fulfilling lives.

Coach Suneta Bagri has set up the Every Teacher Matters project and Cultivate Coaching and Consultancy.

The project offers bespoke coaching for teachers and leaders, wellbeing workshops and a support network.

With the Every Teacher Matters Project, Suneta says that teachers can take control of their wellbeing, look after their mental health, and be truly effective in the classroom as well as happier in their personal lives.

Suneta is a former head teacher with over twenty years’ experience. She offers specialised coaching and training that relates to personal and professional performance and development.

The aims of the Every Teacher Matters Project are:

  • To support the well-being of teachers and educational staff so that they can be well enough to do the important job at hand.
  • To enable personal growth and development to ensure self-empowerment for teachers
  • To provide teachers with practical ways and modern mind tools to withstand the challenges of the profession
  • To contribute to the retention of teachers in amidst a recruitment and retention crisis

Suneta said: "I support, coach, empower and help teachers, senior leaders and school staff to evolve and transform.

"Through bespoke one to one coaching and self-awareness sessions I guide my clients towards the best version of themselves.

"Coaching is essential to personal growth and in moving towards goals in both one’s personal and professional lives. 

"The benefits are mutually exclusive and results in improving teachers’ confidence, enjoyment and overall well-being within the education sector.

"The Every Teacher Matters Network is a safe and confidential space in which educational staff come together and focus on well-being. 

"There are inspirational speakers, tips and practical advice and strategies given to take away from each meeting. 

"It’s about sharing, learning and growing within a community of like-minded professionals who understand the challenges but also find practical solutions to withstand those challenges for self-empowerment. The network serves as a platform to bring professionals together to inspire, motivate and support.  As a profession, it unites us and together we are stronger!"

The workshops offer solutions and practical strategies at whole staff level within CPD sessions.  The purpose of each workshop is to help teachers prevent burnout and understand themselves as well as how they can take responsibility for their own well-being. 

You can find out all about my coaching support and the Every Teacher Matters Project via https://sunetabagri.com/ or emailing contact@sunetabagri.com

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