Wellbeing hub to tackle fatigue and exhaustion

23 October 2020

A Sutton Coldfield not-for-profit organisation has launched a Fatigue Wellbeing Hub to provide businesses with a range of resources for employees.

The Salus Foundation’s new hub allows firms across the region to give employees access to a wide range of blogs, advice from expert health practitioners and video content to improve their health and wellbeing.

The online resource has been created by the organisation which has supported over 15,000 people over the past 10 years.

The charity was started a decade ago by founder and CEO Linda Jones (pictured), who has lived with fatigue and exhaustion and wanted to help those suffering with similar symptoms.

Linda said: “Fatigue as a symptom is very often dismissed as psychological or self induced or an ‘overreaction to tiredness’ by doctors and peers.

“This is exactly what led me to fight for the cause of those living with burnout, exhaustion and constant tiredness, and provide a platform for them to address, understand and manage their symptoms.

“For me personally, I lost six years of my life and a further 10 years to recover. I remember bits, but not most of it - I lost my career, home and marriage.

“I felt exhausted as I never had before, so much so that I couldn’t walk, talk and bed bound on my worst days. This can happen to anyone at any time – you cannot sustain working 24/7 and living under constant pressure.”

The hub functions as a 90-day course and is broken down into 13 core modules which will be released week by week to encourage those involved to make lifestyle choices that can be realistically maintained over time. 

The first month is free followed by a £10 monthly subscription, as a donation to the charity. Discounts are also available for bulk company subscriptions.

Any business owner, HR professional or individual interested in learning more should contact Linda Jones on linda@salus.org.uk or call 07894 205155.



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