Veteran actor talks pivotal moments in podcast

09 December 2020

A much-loved actor has said that those that worry too much about what others think of them, is stopping some from achieving their "greatness". 

Buckso Dhillon-Wooley (pictured), veteran Coronation Street and Emmerdale actor, made the comments in the latest Making Conversations Count podcast, hosted by Wendy Harris, owner of WAG Associates, based in Yoxall.  

The podcast shares stories of how one conversation can become a turning point in a person's life and career, with Buckso delving into not just one, but many pivotal moments in her life.

After becoming a mother to twins, Buckso left her well-paid railway job to start her career as an actor in 2007. 

She said that she was overcome with the feeling that she “had to explore and exercise that demon inside that had been suppressed since being a 14-year-old girl”.

Now, at another crossroad, Buckso is using her passion for helping others to help them achieve their goals, by offering a business coaching service specifically aimed at women. She gained her accredited status as a life coach in 2019 and throughout the pandemic has used the time to reflect on what is important in her life.

During the podcast, Buckso and Wendy explains how they met at a networking 'LoveBiz’ group.

Wendy also presses Buckso on how she became to be so in tune with her own voice and explain how lockdown has been a "blessing in disguise".

To listen to the full conversation on the Making Conversations Count Podcast, click here

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