Consultancy offers expertise in adapting to change

29 May 2020

Despite lockdown restrictions, a consultancy director has offered her expertise in adapting to change to help a fellow Greater Birmingham Chambers member. 

Susanne Evans, director of Feldspar Consulting Limited, has used her expertise as an organisation change consultant to create content for Work Horizons, growing West Midlands-based organisation renewal and people specialists, to share with their clients.

In her work for Work Horizons, Susanne has has provided guidance and advice on uncertainty and change, for the firm to share with leaders and individuals. 

Susanne suggests key questions for teams to consider, to engage the team and emerge from lockdown with creative ideas for the future, including:

  • What are your dreams for the future of the organisation and your work?
  • What is one thing that we can do to make things better in the future?
  • How will we know when we are succeeding?

Susanne explained why her work for Work Horizons is crucial for organisations looking at their futures post-lockdown. 

She said: “Returning to work post lockdown presents an opportunity for organisations and leaders to reconsider how they want to work in future and re-engage with their teams.

"My work with Work Horizons involves creating materials and consultancy support for organisations to use post lockdown to support individuals, managers and teams as they return to work.

"On the Work Horizons website, people will be able to access checklists and questions to consider as people return to work and then if they require more support, they will also be able to access consultancy support.

She presented her work in a blog for the firm, which is available here:

The two companies already had a working relationship but have accelerated the creation of new content in response to what they see as the biggest challenge facing HR professionals right now – how to support their organisation and their people through change. 

Susanne, who is also using the time in lockdown to finish her Phd thesis on organisation change.

To find out more, contact Susanne on 07799 648767 or

For more of Susanne’s writings about organisation change, take a look at her blog:

Pictured: Susanne (top left) on an online call with Harry Dunlevy and Rob Ball from Work Horizons

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