Children across the world connect via digital project

02 July 2020

Children from across the world will discuss their lockdown experiences, by taking part in a new project being ran by two businesses - one based in Birmingham and  the other in Morocco. 

The World Lockdown Tour will be the first of its kind, connecting children via an online video platform for them to celebrate and share cultures, languages, traditions and stories from different continents.

The children involved in the project will gain public speaking skills and improve their English whilst sharing their lockdown stories with their peers.

The initiative is due to launch over the summer.

Syd Shah (pictured), a science communicator and broadcaster based in Birmingham, is behind the project.

She is the founder of the Little Speakers Club, which delivers public speaking courses for children aged five to 14.

Syd said: “With the panic and anxiety adults are facing with the lockdown situation, the children are getting left out of the conversation. With many children still not able to meet friends or go to school, I want them to feel connected whilst continuing to develop skills and learning.

"This seems like the perfect opportunity to explore a global project that nurtures and feeds the inquisitive minds of children”

Syd is working in partnership with The English Corner, a learning centre for adults and children based in the small industrial city of Yousaffia, in Morocco.

Salmane, the founder of English Corner, echoed the excitement and timely manner of the project and said: “We’re always looking to collaborate with organisations and this project seems perfect for us. The English Corner specialises in instilling English language skills in learners for effective communication.

"It’s incredibly exciting to be involved in a global movement that connects children at this time of crisis. It brings a feeling of togetherness and hope, and allows the ability of new friendships to form”.

The pair have plans to livestream the content delivered by the children. The project is currently seeking sponsorship and funding.

You can find out more about the project and book onto one of the World Lockdown Tour events, by emailing Syd and Salman

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