War in Ukraine: What happened this week?

07 October 2022

Vladamir Putin moved forward with his plan to annex four parts of Ukraine, while the US promised more military aid as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continued.

Here, Chamberlink Daily rounds up the events of the past week.

Monday 3 October

Russian Parliament begins the process of approving President Putin’s decision to annex four parts of Ukraine. Legislative approval of the annexation, which is illegal under international law, is expected to take a couple of days.

Tuesday 4 October

Ukrainian troops retake more territory in regions illegally annexed by Russia, with forces advancing near the southern city of Kherson and consolidating gains in the east.

Wednesday 5 October

Russia’s ambassador to the US warns that the US’ decision to send more military aid to Ukraine ‘increases the danger of a direct military clash’ between Russia and the West.

Thursday 6 October

President Putin signs the final papers to annex four regions of Ukraine, as well as a decree to formalise Russia’s seizure of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhzhia.

The deputy head of the National Police in the region of Kharkiv has said that the force has exhumed hundreds of bodies of civilians in territories liberated from Russian forces since 7 September.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Europe’s energy infrastructure must be improved.



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