Uni partnership to develop ‘world-first’ label artwork technology

16 May 2022

Aston University and Kallik Ltd have set up a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) to develop a world-first proprietary machine learning model, as part of the company’s end-to-end labelling platform, Veraciti.

This innovative technology will allow faster and more accurate creation of labels that are 100 per cent compliant with customer branding and regulations.

A KTP is a three-way collaboration between a UK business, an academic partner and a highly qualified graduate, known as a KTP associate.

The UK-wide programme helps businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills. Aston University is the UK’s leading KTP provider within the Midlands.

Kallik is a leading global provider of labelling and artwork management (LAM) software.

Their product, Veraciti, is an innovative software platform used for safety-critical applications in highly regulated industries where accuracy of packaging, labelling and instructions are critical to avoid product recalls, hefty fines from regulatory authorities and patient/consumer safety issues. Kallik was founded in 2001 and is based on Birmingham Business Park.

The KTP with Aston University will enhance Kallik's offer to customers by incorporating academic expertise in advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning into their LAM software solution.

Implementing automated processes will significantly improve Veraciti in terms of both time and cost, rationalising fragmented labelling supply chains, reducing customer time to market, and ensuring compliance with regulators.

Academics leading on this project include Dr Garcia-Dominguez, lecturer in computer science at Aston University, whose core research interests lie in software testing and the interaction between model-driven engineering and intelligent systems.

They will be joined by Dr George Vogiatzis, who has expertise in machine learning techniques.

Gurdip Singh, Kallik CEO said: “I am very excited about what we are doing with this KTP partnership and what it delivers for our customers around the world.

“The ‘marriage’ between our team and the world-leading data science and technology expertise from Aston University is creating something truly outstanding that will take the Veraciti platform to another level.”

Dr Garcia-Dominguez, Aston University, said: “This project is a fantastic opportunity to deliver our research in an exciting real-world application, by creating a pipeline where users and AI can work together on migrating large collections of scanned labels to highly reusable label templates for the Veraciti platform.

“We are thrilled to be working with Kallik in creating this first-in-class capability within their market segment.”

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