Sales Masterclass 3: What the customer REALLY wants to buy

Time: 09:30 - 13:00

Date: 17/11/2022

Division: International Business Hub

Venue: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

General Price:

All prices exclude VAT

Member Price: £75.00

Future Faces Members: £75.00

Non-Member Price: £115.00


Why join the session?

When speaking with potential or current customers, do you know what questions to ask to really understand their needs and what they do as a business?

This module will give you the help and guidance, so you know what to ask in order for you to cater to any customer, and really understand more about them and what it is they need from you.

Suitable for any industry of any size looking for a hands on approach to increase sales within the business.

Whether you are in direct sales, relationship management or any other profession speaking with customers, this module would benefit you.  

Who runs the session?

This course is provided to you through Greater Birmingham Chambers of commerce in partnership with Keith Rozelle from Member company Sales Marvel.

Keith has 30-years’ experience in Technology Sales in the City of London with companies like HP, EDS, BT and a host of SMEs. From product sales such as gym memberships at £45/month to IT Outsourcing contracts worth over £1billion.

What do you get out of the session?

Attendees will take away knowledge and ideas to implement into their role which will help increase their sales targets.

You will learn how to detect if someone does want to buy from you by asking the correct questions but avoiding a lengthy Q & A which wastes yours and their time.

You will also understand how to find that balance between talking and listening to your customer to build relationships.

What happens throughout the session?  

  • You will learn how to ask questions that position you as an expert
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes
  • Learn how to avoid a lengthy conversation of questions and answers that are not leading anywhere
  • Distinguish between prospects that want to talk and those that want to buy
  • Get clients telling YOU more than competitors
  • Listen to what prospects REALLY want to buy

How to book and pay?

Member’s fee per module: £75 + VAT  

Non-member’s fee per module: £115 + VAT

*Any cancellations must be confirmed via email to and must be given within 5 working days clear of the original event date. For any cancellations given less than 5 working days before the event, fees will not be refunded. This also counts for non-attendance. If the course is due to run again in the future, delegates can opt to transfer to the next available date. A £50 fee will still be issued to cover the costs already incurred.

*Please note, the aim is always to finish at the time provided above, but please allow extra time depending on how many delegates are on the course, as there may be more questions for the trainer to answer. 

(We also offer training packages & bespoke training depending on what is most suitable for your company. Ask the team today about bulk bookings and discounts)

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