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For individuals working within a company that trades internationally, this course provides an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Customs compliance procedures.

Additionally, it is well-suited for experienced staff members who seek a refresher. Given the impact of Brexit, this course is particularly relevant for those aiming to update their knowledge regarding Customs documentation.

Course content

The day will include discussing & reviewing the following:

  • Who Supports International Trade?
  • Organisations
  • HMRC, their role and the Systems
  • International Documentation
  • Key Information Requirements to Export / Import Goods
  • Incoterms
  • Commodity Codes
  • Origin – Preference and Non-Preference including EU and Non-EU Trade Agreements
  • Procedure Codes
  • Overview of Customs Procedures
  • Export Processes
  • Declarations and Proof of Export
  • Import Processes, Declarations, Duties & Taxes and Goods Valuation
  • Duty Relief Schemes and other Customs Procedures
  • Audit
  • Approved Economic Operator (AEO)

How to book

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Member’s fee:  £300 + VAT

Non-member’s fee: £370 + VAT

Looking to continue learning after the course?

This course is part of our British Chamber (BCC) accredited course collection.

Attendees of a BCC course have the opportunity to work towards gaining the Foundation Award in International trade – a nationally recognised qualification gained from completing six BCC accredited modules of training.

If you would like to find out how to gain this achievement, talk to the team today.

Not looking to gain a qualification, but wanting the flexibility to learn specific guidance on your chosen topic?

You are welcome to book and join the course without being enrolled in the Foundation Award collection.

Interested in working with us to create quality course content for your bespoke business requirements?

Our team are experienced in crafting tailored training delivery programmes to meet your specific needs.  Contact us to discuss how we would approach this with you.

Ts & Cs

*Any cancellations must be confirmed via email to and must be given within 5 working days clear of the original event date. For any cancellations given less than 5 working days before the event, fees will not be refunded.

This also counts for non-attendance. If the course is due to run again in the future, delegates can opt to transfer to the next available date. A £50 fee will still be issued to cover the costs already incurred.

*Please note, the aim is always to finish at the time provided above, but please allow extra time depending on how many delegates are on the course, as there may be more questions for the trainer to answer.