Non-Member Open Event   

Join us for business networking, valuable business insights, and discover the opportunities available to your business, at this GBCC non-member event.

Ever found yourself contemplating the possibilities the Chamber holds for your business? Perhaps the thought crossed your mind, but the perfect moment to delve in slipped away. Well, here's your golden opportunity to turn curiosity into connections!

Join us at one of Birmingham’s most desired venues, Albert’s Schloss, to enjoy a drink while engaging in enlightening conversations – an ideal setting to explore the benefits that the Chamber can provide access to.

Gain insights into the intricacies of our relationship management and discover so much more about the valuable resources and opportunities that await you. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, this event promises to answer all your burning questions, providing a crystal-clear picture of the immense value the Chamber can add to your business journey.

But it's not just about information – it's about building connections. This event serves as an occasion to connect with fellow forward-thinkers, local business decision-makers, and, of course, our friendly Chamber staff. Imagine the potential collaborations, synergies, and friendships waiting to be forged in an atmosphere of shared ambitions and aspirations.

Don't let the chance slip by this time. Be a part of this event where your curiosity is welcomed, questions find answers, and possibilities unfold. Joining the Chamber unlocks the tools to support your business goals – let's embark on this journey together!


Albert's Schloss - Birmingham
One Chamberlain Square,
Birmingham, B3 3AX

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