Who is this course suitable for?

The course is suitable for those working in an Export environment and have some knowledge of Incoterms. This could be from previously attending the understanding Exporting course where Incoterms would have first been introduced.

Although it would benefit the delegate to have sat previous International trade courses previously, it is not vital, delegates will be accepted with no previous training.

It would also suit those who are looking to investigate if their current Incoterms are suitable and explore the option of using other terms.

What does the delegate gain?

Providing the delegate completes and passes the short assessment questions sent to them at the end of the course, (delegates have a week to complete this) the course gains them 1 module towards the Foundation award in International trade – a nationally recognised qualification issued from the British Chambers of commerce.

To gain the foundation award, each delegate must attend and pass a total of 6 modules from the 11 BCC accredited modules.

There are courses to choose from in total. 

As well as the opportunity to gain this achievement, the delegate will take away with them invaluable skills and knowledge to implement in their role within their company.

What happens on the course and what is taught?

The course will provide an overview of the changes that have taken place between the previous 2010 Incoterms to the new 2020 terms.

It will also provide a guide on the obligations and costs to the buyer and seller during a sale to include when risk passes during the transaction from seller to buyer.

Course objectives:

  • What are Incoterms?
  • The history of Incoterms
  • An explanation of the Incoterms including what they ‘do’ and ‘don’t do’
  • Understand and discuss what documentation they apply to
  • Review each 2020 Incoterm in detail
  • Understand the risks, costs, and obligations for both buyer and seller
  • The main changes from Incoterms 2010
  • To be able to correctly classify shipments to reflect the mode of transport and be appropriate for the goods

Where and when do I book and pay?

Member’s fee:  £180.00 + VAT

Non-member’s fee: £240.00+ VAT

*Any cancellations must be confirmed via email to training@birmingham-chamber.com and must be given within 5 working days clear of the original event date. For any cancellations given less than 5 working days before the event, fees will not be refunded. This also counts for non-attendance. If the course is due to run again in the future, delegates can opt to transfer to the next available date. A £50 fee will still be issued to cover the costs already incurred.

*Please note, the aim is always to finish at the time provided above, but please allow extra time depending on how many delegates are on the course, as there may be more questions for the trainer to answer. 

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