Spa firm makes sustainability strides

14 January 2022

The team at Sutton Coldfield-based RotoSpa have been doing their bit for the environment – by making a donation to the Woodland Trust.

The award-winning spa suppliers made the decision not to send Christmas cards in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.

Instead, they focused efforts on supporting the Woodland Trust, by donating their project budget.

RotoSpa have also already embraced sustainability by making a number of improvements to operations.

Initiatives have included increasing the amount of recycled material that used in spa shells, reducing CO2 emissions in the logistics department and embracing low polluting vehicles.  

A spokesperson said: “The recent climate change COP26 meetings in the UK have continued to shine a deserved focus on, all of our energy use and sustainability.

“It has also encouraged us to identify how we will work together to lower our carbon footprint and with it the earth’s temperature.

"This year RotoSpa will continue to support the ‘Woodland Trust’ and encourage those around us to help similar projects keep our planet strong and healthy for the future generations.”

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